Gotham: 10 Reasons The Court Of Owls Will Enhance The Show

It's going to be a hoot.

A lot of people feel watching Gotham is like watching your little sister play put a Ken shirt on your Action Man. Sometimes it's like looking at your old Facebook posts and realizing how much cooler you are now, other times it€™s good old campy fun with some surprisingly dark moments thrown in. I mean, it€™s not like Bruce Wayne isn€™t there, he€™s just at an age where he€™s more preoccupied with pimples. I€™m of the opinion that any Batman is good Batman, even if there isn€™t any Batman. It€™s interesting to see how the writers tweak continuity to incorporate characters in different points in their lives and it must be both freeing and challenging. There is, however, a certain parliament of owls that are perfect for a prequel to Batman. Bruno Heller, the showrunner, has acknowledged that the Court of Owls will have their live action debut in Gotham (eventually). A secret organization that is €œdeep, deep, deep Gotham mythology€, the Court of Owls are going to make a murder of crows look like a gaggle of geese. It€™s too early to tell, but new antagonist Theo Galavan may have already signified the Court's presence, and their inclusion would open up a lot of storytelling possibilities for numerous characters.

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