Gotham Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Jeremiah Valeska?

Will this Gotham quiz leave you laughing like Jeremiah?


Gotham has seen quite a few antagonists over the years, but there's never been anyone quite like Jeremiah Valeska. Well, strictly speaking that's not true since he's the twin brother of Jerome, but Jeremiah's brand of crazy is on a whole other level.

The character is suave, sophisticated and completely unhinged - much like the comic book character on which he is based. For the past couple of seasons, he has incited chaos and pushed the eponymous city to its limits. His biggest sin took place in the previous season, when he blew up the bridges, which left Gotham City isolated from the rest of civilisation.

The final season has found the character hiding in plain sight, hoping to take down Bruce Wayne once and for all. However, his reign of terror came to a shocking end when he fell into a vat go chemicals in the iconic Ace Chemicals building.

Whether or not we've seen the last of Jeremiah has yet to be revealed but, with the finale of the Fox series in sight, why not test your knowledge and see if you can remember every little detail about the psychotic antagonist's reign of terror.

1. Before He Went Off The Rails, What Was Jeremiah's Job?


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