Gotham Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Second Part Of Season 5?

The final season has brought us many questions thus far.

Jeremiah Lee Gordon Gotham

Gotham returned to screens in January for its final season, and so far it's proving to have been worth the lengthy wait. Every instalment of the Fox series' farewell season has been near-perfect. However, there are only a handful of episodes left, so fans had better start preparing to say their goodbyes.

As a result of the events of the fourth season, the citizens of the eponymous city have found themselves isolated from the rest of civilisation. Gordon has continually reached out the government overseas, hoping that they would send in help, but unfortunately, his prayers haven't been answered. In addition to this, he's had to deal with Jeremiah Valeska and other antagonists - all of whom have taken advantage of Gotham's post-apocalyptic state. Yes, it's been an incredibly eventful season to say the least.

The Fox series has already taken one hiatus this season, and for some reason, the powers that be have decided to give the Batman-inspired series yet another, so while we prepare for the final batch of episodes, why not test your knowledge to see how close you've really watching this year?

1. Who Removed The Chip From Ed's Brain?


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