Marvel's Daredevil: 10 Iconic Comic Book Moments We Still Need To See

With Daredevil Season 3 hitting Netflix soon, which Marvel Comics moments still need to happen? 


Set in the same world as the charming High School super-heroics of Spider-Man, the bizarre adventures of Ant-Man, and the intergalactic crusades of The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Daredevil makes for a far more grounded adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Dealing with religion, vigilante justice and organised crime, Daredevil was the first look at the seedy underbelly of a world that until then we had only seen from atop the squeaky clean heights of Avengers Tower.

Marvel's Daredevil is fast approaching its third season, and what has been revealed so far makes it clear that inspiration will be taken from the acclaimed 'Born Again' storyline, alongside another great run, Guardian Devil, but there are plenty more stories and to adapt.

Sure, we've seen the prototype black suit and origins of Matt and Elektra's relationship as lifted from the pages of 'The Man Without Fear', as well as the Season 2 episode adapting the classic 'Welcome back, Frank' Punisher story. Perhaps some of Daredevils finest comic moments, but a mere handful out of dozens of iconic parts of the Man without Fear's history more than deserve the small-screen treatment.

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