MCU: 10 Cosmic Villains For Phase 4

10. The High Evolutionary

Marvel Comics

Herbert Edgar Wyndham/The High Evolutionary is a biologist obsessed with evolution, whose story began with him trying to rapidly evolve rats in his mother’s basement in London. It also didn’t help that he was a big fan of Mr. Sinister, the evil biologist who has plagued the X-Men for years.

He was given the blueprints to DNA and evolution by an Inhuman named Phaeder, and from this he is able to mess with the evolutionary path of creatures he experiments on. Herbert's powers include telekinesis, astral projection, and the ability to communicate with all manner of species and cybernetics.

In recent years the High Evolutionary has taken to exploring the evolution of different planets, flying through space in a metallic orb. One hero that Herbert seems fascinated by is Adam Warlock, who is set to join the MCU very soon. Adam even attempted to ask The High Evolutionary for assistance in stopping the Ultron-Phalanx who tried to assimilate the universe in Marvel Comics’ cosmic crossover event, Annihilation: Conquest.

It would make sense for Herbert to appear and want to dissect all of the Avengers as in the MCU metahumans are relatively unexplored scientifically. Herbert could slot into a role that pits him against Adam or he could even turn his attention to Vision's unique composition, if Vision is put back together in the coming films. Herbert could even be the one to rebuild him in his own, twisted image of evolutionary perfection.


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