MCU: 5 Weird (But Plausible) Casting Choices For Wolverine

5. Daniel Radcliffe

Occupant Entertainment

Seen as somewhat of a joke choice, Daniel Radcliffe could actually be a far superior Wolverine than what most people think.

Radcliffe has already proven on multiple occasions that he is more than able to carry a leading man role. His much more serious and darker Harry Potter performances seen toward the end of the film series often being overlooked because of family-friendly focus of the franchise as a whole. In these performances (and others), Radcliffe also displayed his talent as an actor - a quality obviously necessary for such a high profile role like Wolverine.

On a far more basic level, Radcliffe shares some of the key physical elements of Wolverine. Namely his ability to grow facial hair, his height or, more specifically, his lack thereof - the actor only being about 5'5 (much closer to Wolverine's comic book shortness).

The only thing that is up for debate is Radcliffe's ability to pull off Howlett's trademark voice.


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