MCU: 7 Perfect Marvel Characters Daniel Radcliffe Should Play

6. Mojo

Mojo of the Mojoverse

This may be a rather unconventional take, given the inherently bizarre nature of the character, but hear us out. Mojo, as leader of the eccentric Mojoverse, rules with an iron fist, ensuring all his subjects are fully addicted to the world’s in-place, gladiator TV program.

Radcliffe’s Victor Frankenstein co-star James McAvoy was able to show exciting range in acting ability, via his Kevin Wendell Crumb character in Glass and Split. In saying that, perhaps Radcliffe learned a thing or two from McAvoy, which he could use to great effect for a Marvel villain like Mojo.

Oh, the fourth-wall breaking joy that would come out of seeing Deadpool mocking Mojo with Hogwarts quips in Deadpool 3.


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