MCU Fantastic Four: 10 Characters Who Must Appear (And Who Should Play Them)

8. Human Torch - Bobby Lockwood

Sue Storm - Emily Blunt

The second Human Torch, Johnny Storm, is easily one of Marvel's biggest characters, with his membership of the Fantastic Four and Inhumans, plus his friendship with Spider-Man, making him one of the publisher's most prominent heroes.

As someone who, for the most part, often acts like an arrogant pretty boy (especially in the early years of his superhero career), Storm needs an actor who can somehow manage to portray said arrogance, whilst also being charming enough so that he is actually believable as hero, instead of just a celebrity with flame powers.

With that said, Bobby Lockwood should be the one to play the character, his appearance reflecting the blond and square-jawed way the hero is typically depicted as having in the comics, and his previous performances showing that he is able to enjoyably portray the personality that Storm is known for.


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