Moon Knight - 10 Insanely Dark Moments Disney Will Never Show

10. Dolphin Murder

Marvel Comics

During the most recent Moon Knight run by Max Bemis (2017 - 2018), Marc Spector joins a secret group of uber-sadists known as the Societe des Sadiques in order to track down his uncle, who is a former Nazi and a serial killer. In order to be accepted by the group. Moon Knight is then subjected to a series of trials in order to prove his level of sadism.

In issue 198 his first trial is to kill a dolphin infected with rabies. However, he is neither informed that it has rabies or that he has to kill it.

After two weeks, locked in a room with the dolphin, he determines he has to kill it and leaps into the tank of water, crescent darts in hand. The next panel reveals the scattered remains of the massacred dolphin as he eats the raw flesh of the dead animal.

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