Moon Knight: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Disney+ TV Series

Marvel Studios has found its Moon Knight, but what can fans expect from the show?

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Moon Knight was among the Disney+ TV shows announced by Marvel Studios last year, and with She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel now cast, fans have been eagerly anticipating a long overdue official announcement about who will suit up as deranged vigilante Marc Spector.

That news finally broke last night, and with a leading man now secured, the series is back on track to begin shooting early next year. Often described by fans as Marvel's version of Batman, there's no denying that Moon Knight is a character with a tonne of potential, and the signs are all pointing to his arrival being a game-changer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That may seem like a bold statement, but based on what's been revealed about Moon Knight so far, it's clear it will be more than just another Marvel TV show (with an impact bound to be bigger than any of the series that debuted on Netflix a few years ago).

With that in mind, we've now collected all the confirmed details about Moon Knight, along with the biggest rumours - which include intel on some massive surprise appearances - and intel on the vision Marvel Studios has for this take on the fan-favourite superhero with multiple personalities.

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