Ranking Every 2017 Comic Book TV Show Worst To Best

Have Netflix managed to retain their comic book crown?

Legion TV Show

2017 has been quite the year for comic books, onscreen and off. Contrary to forecasts of a genre bubble going bust, the comics have only gone from strength to strength this year, particularly so, on the small-screen.

It was a year of dizzying highs and dreadful lows for Netflix, who continued their march to Marvel dominance with Iron Fist, The Defenders and Punisher; The CW failed to find much love for the Arrowverse (bar a fantastic Crisis-inspired TV special), but found plenty of love for their other comic book properties, adapting stories from the pages of Vertigo, Archie and beyond. Even Fox, who many had written out of the comic book race when Gotham first premiered, have had a stellar year, improving upon that initial series and following through with some truly fantastic tie-ins to the X-Men too.

It's been pretty great, and while the year has been marked more for its disappointments than its successes (a reasonable criticism, all things considered), we've had some truly brilliant comic book contributions in 2017 - some from older series, others debutants to the genre.

It's certainly the place to be for shows that push the boundaries of the genre, and although there've been as many stinkers as there've been hits, the latter are so good that, for all intents and purposes, we can ignore the former.

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