Star Wars: The High Republic - Everything We Know So Far

All you need to know about Lucasfilm and Disney's first steps into a larger world.

Lucasfilm/Phil Noto

With the Skywalker saga now concluded, Star Wars appeared to be moving toward a hiatus of sorts. In mid 2019, however, fans started to hear rumblings about "Project Luminous" form Lucasfilm and Disney.

An official reveal later replaced this code name with the true title of the project, and Star Wars: The High Republic was born.

Lots of new and exciting information has come to light in recent weeks and months, and there is an absolute ton to unpack here.

A look at the writers' room in the official trailer teased that everything from the "Sith Empire" and "Space Battles" to "Relic Hunters" and "Rival Houses" will be represented in the new era, so the scope for storytelling is enormous, bringing epic fantasy like the Game of Thrones series to mind.

More than just a new line of comics, though, the High Republic is literally the next big thing in that galaxy far, far away, and will have ramifications for years to come.

With so much information to digest regarding this exciting new chapter in the Star Wars saga, fans could be forgiven for being a little confused as to the finer details.

Here to help then, is everything we know so far about Star Wars: The High Republic.


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