Teen Wolf Actor Tyler Posey Wants To Play Terry McGinnis In Live-Action Batman Beyond TV Series

Could another Batman be heading to our screens?


Tyler Posey, the star of the hit supernatural series, Teen Wolf, has shown interest in playing Terry McGinnis's Batman in a TV show reboot.

While speaking with Collider, Posey revealed that he is a fan of the animated series and wanted to adapt the series for TV. He told the site;

"Yeah, I really wanna do Batman Beyond. There was a cartoon, years ago, called Batman Beyond, and I really wanna adapt that into a TV show. I wanna do that so bad. I think it would be a really cool spin on a younger Batman. I know Rob Pattinson is doing the new one right now and he’s younger but not as young as me. I think it would be cool to do a take on old Batman being this mentor to a younger Batman."

DC fans have craved a live-action Batman Beyond since 2000, when Warner Bros. announced a film in August of that year. Many different actors and filmmakers have shown interest in a project like this, including the actor who portrayed Batman in the acclaimed animated series, Kevin Conroy.


With DC wanting to embrace their multiverse side with films like Joker and the upcoming Flash film, and with HBO max producing dozens of live-action DC TV series, could we see Tyler's dream become reality? Only time will tell.

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