The Flash: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Which Flash characters sped their way into our hearts, and which ones didn't reach the finish line?

The CW

The Flash has been on our screens for almost five years now.

A veteran of The CW, the second-longest-running Arrowverse show has arguably outshined its predecessor, as it successfully brought DC's iconic Scarlet Speedster to life in a show that received acclaim from both fans and critics due to its well-written storylines, genuinely shocking developments and loyalty to its comic book source material.

However, it goes without saying that The Flash's strongest aspect has and always will be its characters.

A show that thrives on its light-hearted tone and familial storylines, it has presented fans with an abundance of well-rounded three-dimensional characters over the years - characters who, in spite of the increasingly whacky world they are living in, still somehow manage to feel like real people. While not every character went down this well, all of them managed to make some kind of impression on viewers.

From speedsters to Savitars and ragdolls to rogues, The Flash has quite literally seen it all throughout its run on the air. With that in mind, let's take a look back at all of the major characters to have graced Central City with their presence and, while we're at it, rank them.

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