The Walking Dead: 10 Worst Things Rick Grimes Has Ever Done

It wasn't always easy living under the Ricktatorship.

Walking Dead Rick Alexandria

Even though he's no longer part of the show, after having been helicoptered off to god-knows where for his own spin-off trilogy of movies, the spectre of Rick Grimes still looms heavily over The Walking Dead.

For better or worse, it was Rick who helped build the new world that the remaining survivors still fight to preserve, with his decisions as a leader shaping the lives of everyone he touched. However, while he got there in the end, the journey towards his vision of civilisation didn't come easy.

In fact, despite always being in charge, Rick made some pretty dumb decisions over the course of his nine seasons on the show, as the veneer of his lawman image was destroyed by some brutal acts that only put him a stone's throw away from becoming another Negan or Governor.

Put simply, there have been times Rick was a total dick on The Walking Dead, and did some pretty terrible things in order to survive.


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