THIS Is Who Christian Bale Should Play In Thor 4

Who could the former Dark Knight be playing in Thor: Love and Thunder?


With Christian Bale currently in advanced negotiations to join Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder, fans are beginning to speculate on just who the former Dark Knight could play in the November 2021 release.

One man who knows more than most about the Thunder God and his world, is Jason Aaron. Considering that Aaron’s writing work on The Mighty Thor is believed to be so much of the basis for Love and Thunder, he’s clearly somebody whose opinion should be listened to.

Taking to Twitter to give his thoughts on Bale’s mystery Thor 4 role, Aaron has given the proverbial thumbs up to Dario Agger, aka the Minotaur.


As a character, the Minotaur was actually created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic during their 2014 God of Thunder run.


In terms of his origin story, Dario Agger was on a family vacation that was ambushed by pirates. Seeking solace in a nearby cave, it was there that Dario discovered a magical statue that ended up gifting him with a whole host of superpowers – including the unique ability to transform into the mythical Minotaur.

Don’t mistake Minotaur for a hero, mind, for Agger soon became corrupted by the powers now at his disposal as he embarked on a murderous mission to take out business rivals and add to his own ever-increasing fortune.


The nefarious antics of Dario Agger initially put him on a collision course with Thor, before the rogue was then to butt heads with the Jane Foster incarnation of the God of Thunder.

Considering that Thor: Love and Thunder will indeed see the Thor mantle passed on to Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, using Minotaur as the movie’s ‘big bad’ seems a logical idea. Plus, if it’s good enough for Jason Aaron – a person so pivotal to the modern-day Thor comics – then that’s good enough for us.

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