Titans: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jason Todd

Let's take a look under the Red Hood...


When a second Robin made his presence felt on DC’s Titans, he brought a smile to the faces of many comic book fans. Showing up to assist Dick Grayson, the newcomer revealed that he had replaced him as Batman’s teammate, declaring himself as the official Boy Wonder. This new hero was none other than Jason Todd.

Excited and jumpy, Jason initially seemed to possess all the eagerness to be a hero that Dick himself once did. However, as things progressed, it soon became apparent that not all was right with the new Robin, as he took great pleasure in disobeying orders, starting fights and beating up innocent police officers. To the untrained eye, his behaviour was undoubtedly quite shocking. But to comic book fans, it was everything that they expected (and so much more).

Jason Todd has been involved in countless major comic book storylines over the years and it's safe to say that he was renowned for his his reckless behaviour and bad attitude. While his infamous death may have become his most well-known storyline, there is so much more to the character than just A Death In The Family - most of which you (probably) didn't know.


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