Titans Quiz: How Well Do You Know Jason Todd?

How closely have you been watching Robin's journey?

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Titans is no stranger to colourful characters, and they certainly don't come much more colourful than Jason Todd.

The second Robin, Jason made an unforgettable entrance halfway through the show's first season when he single-handedly saved Dick Grayson from a horde of soldiers loyal to Trigon and, since that very moment, he has continued to make quite an impression on viewers.

With his confident persona, badass attitude and somewhat arrogant demeanour, it would be fair to say that Dick's successor is easily the most divisive character on the show - but given that the show is utilising one of the most divisive characters in comic book history, it would also be fair to say that both they and the young actor portraying him are doing a damn fine job.

All that being said, just how well do you actually know the second Boy Wonder? Sure, he's a regular part of the show this year, but can you recall his gritty origins?

Can you don the red hood and slay these questions, or will this quiz end up hitting you like a crowbar? Let's find out...

Answers at the end!

1. According To Jason, Who "Kicked His Ass" Every Night?


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