Vincent D'Onofrio Wants Kingpin In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Please someone tell Marvel!

Vincent Donofrio Kingpin

Just a couple of days after it was confirmed that Michael Keaton is back in final talks to join Spider-Man: Homecoming, another MCU villain with strong links to Spidey has thrown his considerable hat into the ring to also join.

Marvel may be reluctant to tie their TV and film arms together (both in terms of the small screen series and the Netflix ones), but if there's one character they should break their rules for, it's Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin. Outside of Loki, he's easily Marvel's best screen villain, and the idea of him trying to swat Spider-Man out of existence is just brilliant.

And luckily, it seems D'Onofrio himself is also game.

Unfortunately, having heard the news that Homecoming might cross-over with Daredevil, he also said he didn't think it was likely:

Kingpin was the best part of season one of Daredevil, and his cameo in the second season was exception, so the more chance we get to see him on screen, the better. It's just a little unlikely at this stage unless Marvel change their unwritten policy.

And given the inevitability of people then assuming that The Defenders would appear in an Avengers cross-over, they might not be particularly keen to do that.

For now, we'll just have to hope Wilson Fisk returns for Daredevil season 3 and hopefully also The Punisher.

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