What Marvel's Jessica Jones Cast Look Like In The Comics

Where the super and the silly become the strange and the serious.


Jessica Jones Season 2 dropped on International Women's Day this year, and even with the absence of the first season's dastardly Kilgrave, the plot has proven just as dark and intriguing. It brings back old characters and introduces new ones that fit the show's grim, realistic tone, despite many of the characters having superpowers.

Jessica Jones' style of bringing in characters from the comics that, despite having the silliest and strangest of origins, fit perfectly into the more down-to-earth streets of Marvel Netflix's New York, is one of the reasons it's become so lauded as a TV series. Not to mention its dedication to the smallest details of the comics making their way into the show, especially with the most obscure and old-school characters becoming part of the series' colourful cast.

In line with that, here is how some of the characters from seasons one and two have been revamped for the small screen.

16. Reva Connors


In The Comics:

Reva Connors was friends with both Carl Lucas (Luke Cage's birth name) and Willis Stryker before Carl's transformation. Though both were involved in criminal activity, Carl decided to clean up his act, and Reva became his girlfriend. In his jealousy, Willis framed Carl by hiding drugs owned by the Maggia in Carl's apartment, resulting in Reva being murdered in the ensuing hunt and Carl being sent to Seagate prison.

In The TV Series:

Playing an important role in Jessica Jones, season one, and an even bigger part in the subsequent Luke Cage series, Reva Connors was Luke Cage's former wife, who was in possession of important information about Kilgrave and his powers. When he ordered Jessica to kill her, her death broke Jessica free of his control. It's also what prompts Jessica to watch after Luke, out of guilt for her actions. Jessica eventually discovers that Reva had footage Kilgrave's experimentation, and it's later revealed in the Luke Cage Netflix series that she was involved in how Luke Cage came by his powers in Seagate Prison, where she had been a Counselor. She's portrayed as an enigmatic figure in both series by the Jamaican-American actress Parisa Fitz-Henley.


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