Why HBO's Watchmen Is Dead

The clock has finally stopped for the hit superhero series.

Fans of HBO's critically acclaimed Watchmen series have been long awaiting an official word on whether the second season will in fact be made.

While the show largely received positive reviews, its creator, Damon Lindelof, stated back in November 2019 that he was satisfied with having produced the first season of the show, and that he had no intentions of being involved in creating any further episodes or seasons. However, it was thought that the series would continue without the Lost co-creator's influence, as Damon had 'given his blessing' to HBO for them to produce a further season in his absence.

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USA Today's recent interviews with HBO chief producer Casey Bloys has shed light on this situation, and in short, it's not looking good. Bloys had initially said that further Watchmen episodes were "really in Damon's thinking about what he wants to do. If there's an idea that excited him about another season, another installment, maybe like a 'Fargo', 'True Detective' take on it, or if he wants to do something different altogether. We're very proud of Watchmen, but I'm most interested in what Damon wants to do".

As such, when it turned out that Damon wanted to leave the show, Bloys stated that "it would be hard to imagine doing it without Damon involved in some way", meaning that the series is - for the time being - dead in the water unless Lindelof has a change of heart.

While there's still hope for the show to continue, it's an increasingly diminishing hope, especially as a further series run by other people may lack some of the care that Damon and his production team were sure to take with Watchmen's comic source material.

Similarly, given the ire of the graphic novel's creator, Alan Moore, at any sequels to his work, it is perhaps best that the series remain at a single, profoundly good season - even if it will leave fans of the show clamouring for more.

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