Wolverine 3: Hugh Jackman Hints At Old Man Logan Look

Does Logan's new look suggest a close adaptation?

Old Man Logan

MarvelOld Man Logan is pretty much the rumour that refuses to die. Quite how Wolverine 3 can possibly adapt the story remains to be seen. It's incredibly unlikely that we'll see incestuous Hulk red-necks, but we may get to see a post-traumatic event Logan who has isolated himself after being tricked into murdering someone or lots of people.

And yet, no matter how unlikely a pure adaptation could ever be, it doesn't stop the rampant speculation. Even with the suggestion that Donald Pierce and The Reavers will be the bad guys this time out, some fans continue to hold on to the idea that we'll see Logan alone in a post-apocalyptic world carved up by villainous factions.

The latest conjecture comes courtesy of Hugh Jackman's face, which he's been showing off on Instagram. Apparently, because he's sporting a full beard and wearing a trucker cap, that's a "big hint" that the storyline is being at least partly adapted:

The fact that he's reading the Gene should actually be considerably more interesting. The book charts the history of the gene as well as exploring what becomes of humanity when we learn to sequence and programme genes. Given the fact that the X-Men: Apocalypse stinger showed someone stealing Wolverine's genes on behalf of Mr Sinister, you'd be dumb to think this wasn't a hint towards similar territory.

He's also getting swole!

So could Donald Pierce (Richard E Grant's rumoured character) be seeking to clone Wolverine? Is he working for Sinister? Is he actually Sinister with Boyd Holbrook playing Pierce or a stand-in leader of The Reavers? And how does this work in terms of Old Man Logan, if at all?

I like to think Wolverine is in isolation over fears of his being cloned (or because he was tricked by a cloned ally to kill someone - like an imposter Charles Xavier telling him the other X-Men are actually clones who must be wiped out), with Mr Sinister seeking to find and capture him. The Old Man Logan link - for me - is going to be no more than spiritual.

He'll be retired, he will be drawn back in by the death of his family (again), and he will be hunted before deciding the world needs him as a superhero. But beyond that, I can't see a pure adaptation.

Meanwhile Just Jared posted some set shots of the fully bearded Jackman suggesting Logan has retired to become a chauffeur for some reason.

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