Wolverine 3 Will Be An "R-Rated Western"

Old Man Logan is looking more and more inevitable...

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Hands up who wants to see Wolverine in a stetson, magnificently heeled-boots and chaps on the back of a mighty steed riding through Dustbowl City, USA... Anyone?

The idea of Logan the cowboy might be a little far-fetched, but given the way the upcoming Wolverine sequel is being talked about, you probably wouldn't put it too far past Fox to go full High Noon. Simon Kinberg has been talking to Collider to confirm some details about the film he says will feature a "very radical, bold, different Wolverine than you've ever seen in any of these movies"

Crucially, Kinberg confirmed what has long been suspected - that it will be R-Rated - and something few might have suspected - that it will owe something to the cowboy genre:

€œI€™m not sure what I€™m allowed to say about that. I will agree with you that Patrick Stewart was rumored to be a part of that film. It takes place in the future, and as you and others have reported, it is an R-rated movie. It€™s violent, it€™s kind of like a western in its tone. It€™s just a very cool, different film.€

After Deadpool's success, a darker, more adult Wolverine was somewhat inevitable, and that's not a bad thing at all. And really, despite the jibing at the start of this article, the Western does fit with the rumour that the film will adapt at least some elements of Old Man Logan.

Kinberg has revealed that the sequel will take place in the future, which also fits, and the idea of Wolverine as a Rooster Cogburn figure trying to scratch a living in a world that no longer has superheroes is about as late Western movie an idea as you could ever draw up. He'll be the ancient gun-slinger - a John Wayne type asked to help with one last job (presumably to do with Patrick Stewart's Professor X rather than Hawkeye as it was in the comics). And in that respect the comments about a "Western tone" are entirely welcome.

The so-far untitled Wolverine threequel will also star Boyd Holbrook as the villain, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, and ER's Eriq Lasalle and will be released on March 3rd, 2017.

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