X-Men: Apocalypse - 25 WTF Moments

Sweet dreams are made of these...


Despite the fact that the film is easily more entertaining than it is being given credit for currently, X-Men: Apocalypse has some incredibly strange problems. The script at times is dialled in, characters make ludicrous out of left field decisions and there are some plot-holes you could drive an X-jet through.

That it is still thoroughly thrilling and brilliantly cartoonish is probably the most ridiculous part of it. Bryan Singer has made a hot mess, double-stuffed with fan service (which shouldn't be considered derogatory by any means) with a litany of problems that somehow don't spoil the overall experience. How much more WTF can you get than that?!

In time, Apocalypse should be appreciated as the intriguing, entertaining curio it is, but for now the most rewarding experience for fans will be picking back over it and trying to work out exactly what Singer and co were thinking. Because there's a lot in there that will leave jaws hanging, heads scratched and brows furrowed - and here's the very best...

25. The Death Star Conundrum

Rogue One Death Star.jpg

Right, so, obviously the Death Star has an unprotected vent in it for a narrative reason as opposed to a logistical one, but obviously, you'll never be able to fully accept that the Empire are the evil geniuses they're presented as when they missed that weakness. They should have checked, given the fact that they were literally fighting space wizards.

The same goes for Apocalypse's planned ceremony to swap bodies. Obviously his show of grandeur is meant to reflect his power and his projection as the one true God that isn't quite expressed overtly.

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