X-Men: Has Josh Boone Just Revealed The New Mutants Line-Up?

Director sneakily drops hints on Instagram.


It looks like New Mutants director Josh Boone may have just given a major hint at which mutants we'll get to see in his forthcoming X-Men spin-off.

The Fault In Our Stars director took to Instagram to post images of some of the team's more famous members throughout the day, suggesting that we'll see Wolfsbane (who is strongly rumoured to be played by Game Of Thrones Maisie Williams), Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot, Magik and Warlock.The fact that all have been members of the NewMutants team seems too much of a coincidence.

In terms of team bios: we've already met Sunspot in X-Men: Days Of Future Past where he was played by Adan Canto and had the misfortune of being killed spectacularly not once but twice in the future timeline. His powers are - inevitably - solar related: he absorbs energy from the sun and uses it for strength like Superman (and house plants) and can blast heat when necessary.


Wolfsbane is a Scottish mutant named after a poisonous flower who can turn into a wolf or a half-wolf, half-teenage girl creature. She has lots of personal issues.

Warlock is a cybernetic alien from a race very much like Star Trek's the Borg, who infect biological creatures with their tech and feed off their life-force. Like if your toaster was a vampire. Expect him to be fully CGIrendered.


Magik is the sister of main X-Men member Colossus, can teleport and is a sorceress. She carries an improbably massive sword.

Cannonball is your basic good-guy flyer, who can propell himself like a cannonball through the air at great speeds thanks to thermo-chemical energy releases, that also allow him to release a sort of impenetrable force field.


And finally,Mirage is a Native American mutant with probably the best powers of the entire team. She can create projections of her enemies fears or desires, and among other telepathy-based powers she can talk to animals, helping her translate Wolfsbane when she's in her wolf or transitional states.

It's a good - and not entirely unexpected mix - and there's definitely a sense that the New Mutants are basically going to be the equivalent of the Guardians Of The Galaxy of the X-Men universe.

There's no release date for the film yet, but it feels like we're ramping up to some official announcements now. What do you think? Are you excited for New Mutants? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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