You'll Never Get 100% On This Batman Beyond Quiz

The quiz that's well beyond the means of beginners.

Warner Bros.

Right now, there are a whole host of fans out there who are eagerly awaiting the new super-swanky Blu-ray release of Batman Beyond later this year. In fact, chances are if you're partaking in this quiz, you could well be one of those very fans.

Despite many at first turning their noses up at the concept of an animated series based around a non-Bruce Wayne incarnation of Batman, Batman Beyond - or Batman of the Future, as it was known to UK audiences - made those naysayers eat their words as it became one of the most impressive animated shows of its time.

That time, of course, has long since come to an end, but that's not to say that Batman Beyond doesn't still hold up as something special to this very day - hence why so many people are keen to snap up the show when it gets that aforementioned new Blu-ray release.

While you wait for that release, though, we've concocted a Batman Beyond quiz that not even the most ardent of Batman Beyond die-hards will be able to get 100% on.

1. In What Year Did Batman Beyond First Air?

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