Young Justice: Outsiders - 4 Ups & 2 Downs From The Season 3 Finale

Young Justice closes its third season with an enjoyable, but problematic, finale.

DC Universe

Contains spoilers from Young Justice Season 3, Episodes 24, 25 & 26.

There was once a time when it seemed like a third season of Young Justice would never come.

A show beloved by many that was inexplicably cancelled after its second season, and now, after years of campaigning, a long-awaited revival and brand new season, we have arrived here - at the season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders.

Like its previous two offerings, Outsiders was a masterclass in storytelling, pulling multiple narratives together to produce a coherent and complex story that was enhanced by the show's ability to balance this new material with its overarching arc. Of course, this approach makes sense, as this season's meta-human trafficking story was simply just another chapter in the team's ongoing battles against The Light.

This week's season finale (which consisted of one final batch of three episodes) managed to pull the trigger on a number of these long-teased storylines while also providing some unique closure for others.

The result was a super-charged smackdown that also attempted to make time for that mature character development we know and love. Unfortunately, there were just too many characters and it struggled to lock down that focus on anyone outside of the newbies. That said, it did set the stage for what appears to be a very interesting fourth season.

First, the positives...


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