Young Justice: Outsiders - Everything We Know So Far

10. There Will Be Another Time Jump

Warner Bros.

Both seasons of Young Justice are quality, but Season 2 manages to edge out its predecessor as it completely subverted the viewer's expectations with a 5-year jump forward between seasons.

It was a major shake-up. Once sound relationships within the team were turned upside down, as was the world surrounding the superheroes. It was an elaborate move by the producers to establish a level of unpredictability to the Team's return, and with the stakes having been upped, it's fair to say they accomplished their goal.

From the brief promo items for Outsiders, we can confirm the group have grown-up slightly (with most fans guessing 3-5 years have passed) and the team dynamic has fallen ever so slightly out of favour.

It's not a far reach to conclude the writing room wanted to acknowledge the six real-time years since the show's been off the air - but it's also a trademark move from the story team at this point.


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