Young Justice: Outsiders - Everything We Know So Far

9. Some Fan-Favourites Will Become Permanent Members

Warner Bros.

It's no surprise we will see a couple fresh faces for the new season. Season 2 added great permanent additions like Blue Beetle and Tim Drake as a new Robin, so what's in store for our follow-up?

Well, the great news is a Comic-Con 2017 panel announced a truckload of newcomers; Static Shock - from the vastly underrated DC Milestone comic and cartoon series - is coming back. He had a brief guest run on Season 2 but now he’s been upgraded to a fully-fledged member.

Add to that, Stephanie Brown will also return in a more traditional capacity as anti-hero Spoiler. Leaked art has also revealed that Jefferson Pierce (a.k.a Black Lightning) is to have a major role this season too.


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