10 Times Wrestlers SPOILED Their Own Matches

The ways wrestlers secretly gave away what was coming your way...

Liv Morgan

Over the last few years, Paul Heyman has made a career out of throwing not predictions, but spoilers out into the world.

And more often than not, Paul E.'s wise words have a funny ol' habit of coming true, with the likes of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar regularly coming out on top whenever the advocate-turned-special-counsel suggest a 'W' is on the horizon.

But while the 'Wise Man's spoilers aren't exactly subtle, there are those other figures within the wrestling business who have secretly hinted at the result of an incoming match through everything from the way they hold themselves on their way to the ring, to the position they find themselves on a PPV card.

Sometimes the reality of a career-making moment being just a few minutes away can result in emotion understandably getting the better of talented workers. And then there are those little production details that point directly to a performer being on the winning or losing side.

So, from the look on wrestler's faces telling you everything you need to know about the match that was heading your way, to the specific clothing, entrances, and items wrestlers boasted at certain moments pointing to a victory or defeat, these are those wrestlers who spoiled their matches ahead of time.

10. Drew McIntyre Seems Quite Deflated During His Big Match Entrance In Wales

Liv Morgan

After the biggest moment of his career unfortunately ended up playing out in front of a live audience of zero back in 2020, it's safe to say a good 60,000+ folks inside of the Principality Stadium were hoping Clash at the Castle would be Drew McIntyre's night.

However, from the moment the 'Scottish Warrior' wandered out in front of that massive UK crowd on September 2, 2022, one look at the big lad suggested even more heartbreak was incoming.

Seconds after the dramatic return of his 'Broken Dreams' theme, McIntyre sported the deflated look of a bloke who'd been told earlier that day more Bloodline shenanigans were going to ensure Roman's reign continued.

Sure, the Scot still did what he could to get his supposed "hometown" of Wales fired up for the war to come, but it was tough to shake the feeling you were watching a disappointed star simply drinking in the main event moment in front of a packed British stadium.

Or maybe Drew had just been given a brief glimpse into the future and was just dealing with the fact he'd be awkwardly screeching out some 'American Pie' not long after the most painful defeat of his career.


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