Every Villain The Arrowverse Has Teased But Not Used

9. Mr. Freeze

Harley Quinn Heroes in Crisis
DC Comics

One of Batman's most tragic foes, Dr. Victor Fries is a victim of circumstance just as much as he is a villain. His lifelong fascination with cryogenics and his love for his wife Nora ultimately sent him down a path of villainy after the latter is diagnosed with a rare condition that requires her cryogenic preservation.

First hinted at in the 2018 Elseworlds crossover, it is revealed that he was in correspondence with Caitlin Snow's father Thomas due to their mutual expertise in cryogenics. Despite being dead by the time we get to see his wife Nora, it is clear that he had embodied his villainous persona for a while due to Nora's stasis and her later use of a freeze gun.

Although Fries is deceased in the current Arrowverse timeline, flashbacks could be used to flesh out his character and explore some of his unique comic traits, such as his desire to work alone, his genius-level intellect and cold-based physiology.


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