Win An InFocus Projector And Xenta Gaming Chair

How to watch and play in style.

One thing is for certain: most modern gamers don't play in the kind of comfort that their passion deserves and most cinema lovers are compromising on tiny screens unworthy of screening blockbusters and masterpieces. Chairs are inadequate, technology isn't up to snuff and life isn't being lived to the full. But thanks to that is going to change for one lucky reader. We've teamed up with the online retailer to offer readers the chance to win an InFocus IN118HDa 1080p projector to celebrate your video games and movies as the Lord God of cinema intended. Giant. And because comfort has to come into it - particularly when you're spending hours in front of Call Of Duty, FIFA or The Sims, we're also offering a Xenta Pro E-400 Gaming Chair: the smart person's choice of gaming chair. It's comfortable, convenient and comes with a built in control panel and storage case. What more could you want?
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