10 21st Century Horror Movies That Are So Bad They're Good

Cheap and cheerful horrors that don't need to be good to be enjoyable...

Dimension Films

When it comes to horror, the biggest box office hits are driven by the biggest jumps, scariest monsters. It's all one big competition to be the film that audiences are up all night thinking about.

Other horror movies in contrast are the less successful films that have flopped because of how worse off they are. These are the movies that tend to be filled with cringy acting and badly made monsters that people wish they had never seen. They are usually there to laugh at rather than audiences spending their time hiding from.

But that isn't the case for every supposedly "bad" movie. There are some horrors that audiences love to rave about precisely in spite of their supposed quality.

In the '70s and '80s, this special breed of horrors tended to be dominated by cult horrors and banned movies but even now the genre throws out some movies you'd think would be universally hated for their shortcomings, but which are actually pretty great because of them...


10. Grave Encounters (2011)

West Wing Studios

Grave Encounters follows a unique narrative as a team of paranormal investigators begin their latest episode at an abandoned mental asylum. Once they are locked down for the night to continue with their ghostly interactions, they soon realise they are trapped forever and there is no way out.

If you’re a fan of ghost hunting programmes like Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures you will definitely enjoy this part comedy and part horror film.

Though it's found footage - filmed on their own cameras and CCTV within the building - the action is not nauseating to watch like other films of this style and provides a unique concept that you won’t want to miss out on.

The deaths slightly let the ending down – one member of the group literally disappears within a puff of smoke - but you can enjoy this film knowing the low budget, debatably scary CG monsters and temperamental acting make it worth the watch.


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