10 '90s Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

9. The Sandman

There's Nothing Out There
Channel 4 Television Corporation

The '90s was a weird time to be a young person, particularly where horror is concerned. On our televisions, there were things like Goosebumps, which took the books that scared us all sh*tless and made them fart-worthy at best. But then there were far stranger things, where the programmers and adults involved clearly didn't have a good gauge of what was age-appropriate and ruled anything animated to be A-okay for general viewing.

One such oddity of the era is Paul Berry's The Sandman, a dialogue-free stop-motion animation about a restless boy who lives alone in a large house with his mother, and the tremendously creepy sandman, of stories designed to scare children to sleep fame.

First broadcast to audiences on Channel 4 (back when it was still in the business of producing game-changing media), The Sandman tells a tale in which the titular beast literally steals a little boy's eyes out of his skull and feeds them to his offspring. Influenced by German Expressionism, the visual style is as haunting as the story, and yet like many of the creative works distributed direct to TV back in the pre-social media days, the film hasn't enjoyed much of an audience in the years since.


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