10 Abandoned Franchises That Deserved Another Movie

9. Jack Reacher

Hellboy 2
Paramount Pictures

Not every Tom Cruise movie has to involve the diminutive daredevil risking his life for the sake of our entertainment by running really fast or jumping off of really tall things, and the Jack Reacher movies were proof of that.

It marked a refreshing change seeing Cruise play a more relatable character, albeit one that could kill you with his bare hands, after we'd become increasingly used to seeing him save the world on a regular basis. Focusing more on bone-crunching action and practical stunts, the first installment scored solid reviews and made over three times the $60m budget at the box office.

Unfortunately, sequel Never Go Back didn't fare anywhere near as well from either a critical or commercial perspective, and the title character is now set to be rebooted, presumably with someone a lot taller in the lead role as author Lee Child originally envisioned.


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