10 Absolute Worst Flops In Movie History

10. The Hottie And The Nottie (2008)

Here's the premise: Paris Hilton is, like, a total hottie whose BFF is a €˜nottie€™ with tombstone teeth, a facial mole, an infected toenail. Because it€™s an accepted physical law that you can€™t get into a hottie€™s pants if you don€™t like her nottie, that€™s what Joel David Moore spends the movie attempting to do. With €˜hilarious€™ consequences. Produced by Paris Hilton€™s production company, The Hottie And The Nottie doesn€™t just want to tell you how €˜hot€™ Paris Hilton is, it also has a message about judging others by their physical attributes. Viewers considered that a tad hypocritical, and the movie made barely $2 million worldwide. Even the normally likeable Moore, who€™s funny in Adam Green€™s movies (Hatchet, Chillerama), comes off as a repellent creep. You keep wanting more people to smash him in the face, while Hilton, who€™s spent all that time and money keeping herself in the public eye, should consider investing in a second facial expression.

Ian Watson is the author of 'Midnight Movie Madness', a 600+ page guide to "bad" movies from 'Reefer Madness' to 'Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.'