10 Action Movie Mistakes You Can’t Unsee

You'll never see these action flicks quite the same way again.

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Even shooting the most modest action movie is one hell of a tricky feat. When you've got dozens or even hundreds of actors involved in set-pieces requiring extensive practical and visual effects, it's just a matter of time before things start getting messy.

It's easy to take the discipline that goes into crafting an action movie for granted, but with so many stuntfolk, on-set technicians, and behind-the-scenes wizards working together, it shouldn't be surprising that mistakes are inevitable - certainly more so than in a simple cinematic drama.

But on the flip side, action films are also often energetic and exciting enough that it's easy to overlook mistakes while being wowed by all the mesmerising mayhem.

Yet this article seeks to ruin all that by drawing your attention to some major action movie mistakes you most likely missed - but surely won't ever again.

From continuity errors to perhaps the worst extra in action cinema history, some atrocious location doubling, and the mysterious case of a certain missing corpse, these mistakes are simply so unforgettable - either through sheer weirdness or gut-busting hilarity - that you'll never be able to erase them from your mind.

So, er, sorry about that...

10. The Extra Who Forgets To Play Dead - Nobody

The Matrix

The role of stuntmen and extras in action movies cannot be underestimated - they take the brutal hits that sell the hero's unstoppable badassery, though like anybody else they're also far from flawless.

Case in point, the terrifically entertaining Bob Odenkirk-starring action vehicle Nobody features an hilarious extra-related gaffe during its blood-soaked climax.

In the third act, former government assassin Hutch (Odenkirk) teams up with his brother Harry (RZA) and father David (Christopher Lloyd) to take down a Russian crime lord and his seemingly unending fleet of goons.

But keep your eyes peeled moments after David starts wailing away on the bad guys with a shotgun. Just as Dutch fires his gun while moving backwards down a hallway, there's an apparently dead bad guy laying in a hallway behind him.

Except, the actor in question evidently missed his mark or hadn't been cued in correctly, and so suddenly starts playing dead once he realises what's going on, his head hilariously slumping over while the camera stays on him.

It's obviously not where your eyes are supposed to be looking in the scene so it's easily missed, hence why it made it into the final cut of the film at all.

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