10 Actor/Director Team-Ups We Can't Believe Never Happened

Marilyn Monroe Alfred Hitchcock There are dream actor/director collaborations, and then there are the actor/director collaborations that seem like they should have just happened. But throughout movie history, something uncertain has got in the way of actor and director team-ups that seem like such sure things, it's almost unbelievable they never happened.

10. Martin Scorsese and Al Pacino

Pacino Scorsese In the 1970s, the choice was between two: De Niro or Pacino. Scorsese, as we know, went with De Niro, the two together creating some of the finest moments in all of cinema. But it seems absurd that Scorsese, a filmmaker with a keen eye for acting talent and for a period THE director of films about real Italian-American life, never once sought out Pacino - the other great Italian-American actor of the time - for a role. And the time of them working together may already have passed, sadly, unless Scorsese's next picture calls for a shouty hothead with a taste for histrionics - Pacino has, regrettably, moved on to unpredictable yelling and Sky TV ads, a far cry from his days of subtlety. But then, rumours of that long-gestating team-up still linger...

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