10 Actors Audiences Are Convinced Are In Movies (But Aren't)

No, Leonardo DiCaprio isn't in Stillwater.

Dark Knight Rises Interstellar Matthew McConaughey
Warner Bros.

Even the most talented actor in the world is generally sold on two things above all else - their face and their name.

These characteristics form the core foundations of an actor's "brand," allowing them to foster a fanbase who will reliably turn up to see their most high-profile releases.

And while actors have a vested interest in distinguishing themselves from their competition, sometimes audiences end up confusing them for appearing in movies that they never actually did.

Whether mixing them up with another A-list actor or simply believing them to have made a cameo in a film they never did, these actors are routinely believed to have starred in movies they had nothing at all to do with.

Perhaps another actor randomly rocked their signature style, or some overzealous fans simply demonstrated a little too much wishful thinking, but either way, the claims that these actors showed up in these movies have been wildly exaggerated.

In some cases the mix-ups are totally understandable, while in others you have to question just how much attention people were actually paying to the movie at all...

10. Matthew McConaughey - The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises Interstellar Matthew McConaughey
Warner Bros.

After Matthew McConaughey was cast in Interstellar, a theory began doing the rounds online that the actor had actually made a minor cameo appearance in Christopher Nolan's prior film, The Dark Knight Rises, seemingly foreshadowing his involvement in the director's next big tentpole.

During the opening sequence in which Bane (Tom Hardy) is extracted from a CIA plane, the plane's pilot is briefly visible for a few seconds, and many later believed the actor playing the pilot to be McConaughey in a sneaky cameo.

Even today, you'll find Nolan fans who still swear that this is indeed the Oscar-winning actor, and though the man in question certainly does bear a strong resemblance to McConaughey, it just isn't him.

After all, what's more plausible, that Nolan had McConaughey show up on set to shoot two seconds of footage for a cameo nobody involved ever even talked about, or it's just a guy that looks like him?


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