10 Actors Who Were Cruelly Shafted By Franchise Reboots

'Don't worry, we'll use you later...'

When a film series is rebooted, it can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it€™s because the previous film series has reached a natural conclusion. Sometimes it€™s because the last film did so badly that they need to distance themselves from it by establishing a new continuity. There have even been a couple of instances where behind-the-scenes squabbling has forced a complete overhaul. Whatever the reason, reboots allow for a fresh take on a franchise, whether it€™s a comic book property, sci-fi story, fantasy epic, etc. There€™s no guarantee the new take will be good, but it allows the filmmakers to unburden themselves from the previous continuity and start with a clean slate. Unfortunately, there are some actors who have been tossed aside due to these reboots. The film series that they were a part of were setting their characters up for something big. Maybe it was to become a villain, maybe it was to see them realise their full potential, or maybe it was just to see them kick more ass in a future instalment. Regardless, these actors were ready to take their characters to new places, but these aspirations were snuffed out in an instant once the film series they were a part of was discarded in favour of starting over. Sometimes the audience was relieved, and sometimes they wish things had continued. Either way, things moved forward. Occasionally it€™s not even establishing a new continuity that screws over these actors. Sometimes the reboot itself screws over its own actors and recasts that character. To be fair, this is often done for the betterment of the franchise, but either way, we are left with a lingering wonder of what could have been. It€™s time we recognise these actors who were left behind when their franchises were rebooted. Be warned, there will be SPOILERS ahead.

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