10 Actors Even More Impressive When You Know The Truth

These actors are even better than you thought.

The Dark Knight Gary Oldman
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Being even a basically competent actor is much harder than it looks, but to strive for and then achieve actual greatness? It requires a level of mastery very few performers are capable of or lucky enough to realise.

We all have our favourite actors, who either pour themselves into each and every role they take, or just manage to deliver reliable entertainment every time they step up to bat. What more could you possibly want from a movie star?

And yet, sometimes even the most popular and successful of actors aren't quite appreciated enough for their achievements, because as this list will prove, we should be even more in awe of these performers than we already are.

These 10 actors have all enjoyed huge Hollywood success - from winning Oscars to being consistent box office draws - but once you learn these fascinating facts about their life's work, you'll be even more impressed with what they've accomplished.

From actors who've maintained a little-known winning streak to those who've overcome unexpected adversity, and even a certain actress who made a huge contribution to modern society, these actors are all even more impressive than we already thought...

10. Every Jason Statham Movie Has Had A Theatrical Release

The Dark Knight Gary Oldman

Card-carrying action stars are few and far between in the current moviegoing era, and perhaps the most underappreciated of them all is Jason Statham, who over the last quarter-century has delivered a consistent slew of commercially successful action flicks.

But the most impressive thing about The Stath's longevity as an action star? Every single one of his movies has had a theatrical release.

With more than 50 roles to his name since making his unforgettable debut in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, it'd be reasonable to assume that at least a handful of his action vehicles went straight-to-video or direct-to-streaming, but no - they've all had a big-screen release of some kind.

Couple this with the fact that Statham has never appeared in a TV series either, and he's one of the few actors working today who has basically become a cinematic brand unto himself, enough that he's been able to ensure all of his movies have had a theatrical rollout.

While he might not be a bonafide A-lister on the level of, say, Tom Cruise, his consistent commitment to delivering the meat-and-potatoes goods has served him well for a whole 25 years.

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