10 Actors Insulted By Movie Roles They Were Offered

9. Michael Bay's "Call Centre Role" For Aziz Ansari

Snow White And The Huntsman

Aziz Ansari has made a name for himself by being an incredibly funny guy who really doesn't like racial stereotypes. Being an Indian actor, he has been offered a number of roles that don't necessarily jive with his worldview in this regard, which is why you never saw him in Michael Bay's first Transformers.

Granted, it would have been a good part, albeit small, for the actor who was only 24 at the time, but he wanted nothing to do with it when he was asked to take on the part.

"It was a role for like a call-center guy who has an accent. And I was like, ‘No, I’m not doing it.’ And then [friend and costar] Ravi [Patel] was like, ‘I’ll do it.’ And Ravi did it and made some decent money. And I don’t have anything against someone who does the accent. I understand. You got to work, and some people don’t think it’s a problem."

Ansari created a series for Netflix called Master of None, which he made solely to provide quality roles for all kinds of minorities without the prospect of racial quotas, which is something he has spoken out against on numerous occasions.


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