10 Actors It's Sacrilege To Dislike

There are some actors that are divisive, like James Franco or Tom Cruise. There are some actors that either earn our derision or sympathy, such as Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson. And then there are some actors that manage to charm the pants off of not only you, but your best friend, your mum, your neighbour, and your neighbour's best friend's mother. And so I present to you the top ten actors that it is sacrilege, I repeat, sacrilege, to dislike.

10. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is a man for all seasons. He€™s beefy! He€™s skinny! He€™s a romantic lead! He€™s a bruiser! He€™s arty! He€™s the guy that kicked the stuffing out of Batman whilst talking like Sean Connery high as a kite on helium! And he is just damn likeable. He makes no secret of the fact that he€™s bisexual, he€™s recovered from drug addiction, and if a reporter asks him a stupid question, he€™ll come out and say that it was a stupid question. He€™ll also hilariously call it €˜pants€™, because hey, he€™s Tom Hardy. Although Michael Fassbender and Jeremy Renner are also fiiiine lookin€™ versatile dudes, they seem like the type of men you would drink fine whiskey with whilst you bluffed your way through a conversation about literature. €˜Oh, yeah, the guy who wrote On the Road! Jack Kar-hoo-wack! I just LOVE Jack Kar-hoo-wack!€™ But Tom Hardy strikes me as the type of guy you eat greasy chips with, as both of you sit in your old jeans, watching demolition derby on the telly. Knowing that he could probably recite his epic opening monologue from Bronson in the ad break just makes him that much cooler.
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