10 Actors Perfect For Upcoming Movie Roles

Some of these choices will definitely upset a few people...

Indiana Jones Bradley Cooper Nightmare Alley
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The perfect casting choice can make all the difference to a movie or TV project. Who plays what role can make or break a character or storyline for most audiences and, as a result of this, has a huge influence on the overall quality of the resultant work.

Sometimes casting choices are best made a little out of left-field. In what’s at times called stunt-casting, choosing an actor who seems at first ill-suited to the role can yield incredible results. Heath Ledger’s inimitable turn as Christopher Nolan’s Joker is probably the most famous example of this. Conversely, there are sometimes completely obvious choices for roles that come together absolutely perfectly; David Bowie as (you guessed it) Nolan’s take on Nikola Tesla.

As a result of this obsession with perfect casting, everyone is partial to a little bit of fan-casting. Often referred to as ‘headcanon’ in the annals of Tik Tok and Reddit, online communities adore throwing in their two cents when it comes to who should play what role.

We here at WhatCulture are no different, it seems, and after much research and deliberation we’ve found the people best suited to roles in the following ten upcoming films and TV shows.

10. Carrie-Anne Moss - John Wick: Chapter 5

Indiana Jones Bradley Cooper Nightmare Alley
Warner Bros.

The John Wick franchise has cumulatively grossed a whopping $573 million worldwide from the first film to the third. The kickass Keanu Reeves action vehicle has also been critically well-received for each of the hero’s outings, with praise being heaped on the performances, world-building and exceptional fight choreography.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is up for release in early 2023 and, given how increasingly lucrative the franchise has been for Lionsgate Studios - and Keanu Reeves' continued commitment to the future of the role - a Chapter 5 for our troubled hero is all but confirmed.

With this in mind, Carrie-Anne Moss would be perfect to play an (as yet unnamed) part in this franchise entry. Moss herself garnered critical praise for her turn as ruthless lawyer Jeri Hogarth in Marvel’s Jessica Jones and, whilst The Matrix Resurrections turned out to be an ultimately disappointing affair, it was heart-warming to see her reunited with her screen partner Reeves.

Assuming Laurence Fishburne's Bowery King isn't killed off during the events of Chapter 4, this casting would certainly tickle the teats of nostalgia. This is especially true given we were denied seeing this triumphant triumvirate reunited during The Matrix Resurrections.


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