10 Actors Who Could Play Edward Snowden In Oliver Stone's Movie

10. Aaron Paul

There€™s no question that Aaron Paul has become one of the best-known actors to emerge in the past half-decade. His acclaimed performance as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad won him two Emmys and a slew of other awards and nominations. He€™s an actor that would bring in critics and audiences alike, both of which Stone will want if he€™s eyeing the Oscars like we all know he is. Watching the few interviews Snowden has given since May of last year will tell you he€™s going to be a complex character on the big screen €“ assuming it€™s done right €“ one who wrestles with the idea of whistleblowing, and when push comes to shove, truly believes it is his duty to the public to let them know the truth. Paul has shown throughout his career his incredible ability to play conflicted characters. Jesse Pinkman is one of the most complex characters ever seen on the small screen, and even in his earlier days, like a one-episode supporting role in ER (A Saint in the City €“ Season 9, Episode 12), he proved himself to be enormously adept at bringing a sense of authenticity to his parts. Since the conclusion of Breaking Bad, Paul has taken on more and more feature films, fronting Need for Speed earlier this year, leading this summer€™s dramatic thriller Hellion, and taking supporting roles in Ridley Scott€™s Exodus: Gods and Kings and John Hillcoat€™s anticipated crime drama, Triple Nine. The time is ripe for him to take centre stage in a film as high-profile as this.

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