10 Actors Who Played The Same Character A Ridiculous Number Of Times

Here's the guys who just sat down in a franchise and refused to move.

Playing a role well just once is impressive. Sticking with a single character through multiple films is something else. Heck, a film series making it as far as some examples we€™ll see today is in itself a miracle. In a couple of years Johnny Depp will play Captain Jack Sparrow for the fifth time and the internet is abuzz knowing Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will be returning to their star making roles in the upcoming Star Wars sequels. It€™s always impressive when an actor €˜gets€™ a role and can keep bringing the character to life, but those examples are positively small fry compared to the commitment some have shown. Today I€™m going to bring you ten actors, fully deserving of your respect, who just kept coming back for more. What they did requires a series with longevity, a character with enduring appeal and an complete disregard for being typecast in the most restrictive way possible.

Honourable Mentions

Some actors have played the character many times, but not quite long enough to warrant a placing on this list. Here€™s a rundown of some that just missed out. Vin Diesel As Dominic Toretto €“ 5 (soon to be 6) times Nobody expected The Fast And The Furious to still be around today, but I guess cars are always going to be cool. Although he missed out the first sequel, a cameo in Tokyo Drift and a starring role in next year€™s seventh film Diesel€™s count as Toretto at an impressive six. Anthony Daniels As C-3PO/Kenny Baker As R2-D2 €“ 6 Times (And Counting) The characters surely have to return for Episode VII and I€™d be very surprised if Daniels at the very least isn't behind that metal plating. Samuel L. Jackson As Nick Fury €“ 6 Times (And Counting) Samuel L. Jackson signed a nine-movie deal with Marvel. So far he€™s been in six (counting this year€™s Captain America: The Winter Soldier). Hopefully the next three movies won't just be more post-credit stings. Peter Cushing As Victor Frankenstein €“ 7 Times Equally as well known for Sherlock Holmes and Van Helsing, Cushing€™s misguided scientist was his most revisited big screen role. Hugh Jackman As Wolverine €“ 7 Times The big constant in the X-Men franchise (he cameos in First Class), even in terrible entries Jackman as Wolverine still delivers. The count could easily go up if he gets a role in the recently confirmed Apocalypse. Roger Moore As James Bond €“ 7 Times Sean Connery technically also hit this number if you count Never Say Never, which we don€™t. Roger Moore stuck to Bond for an incredibly long time, seeing it go from silly to even sillier. Tobin Bell As Jigsaw €“ 7 Times Death didn't stop Jigsaw cameoing in some form of flashback in every entry in the Saw series. As Bell was the only one who understood how to write the character, that€™s not a terrible thing.

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