10 Actors We Still Can't Believe Are Oscar Nominees

The fat kid from Superbad has... two Oscar nominations? A glitch in The Matrix, surely?

The announcement of this year's Oscar nominations brought with it the usual upset about certain actors (namely Tom Hanks) being snubbed, and outcry that certain actors (namely Christian Bale and Meryl Streep) were nominated. The Oscar nomination game is a strange one, seemingly defying logic on fair occasion and very clearly being as much about politics and campaigning as it is about the pure, base debate over who the best actors are. Still, every so often an actor is nominated that totally does not fit the mold of an Oscar nominee, and whether the performance is deserving of plaudits or not, all we can do is sit back and stare in amazement. This is not to undermine the work these 10 actors put in, because each was heavily acclaimed for their turn (hence the nomination), but each was previously classed far away from Academy Award territory, and with their nod, they helped redefine what an Oscar nominee could be. Let's get started... and please feel free add your own picks in the comments!

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