10 Actors That Really Need To Stop Repeating Themselves

Same sh*t, different movie.


The old saying goes that 'familiarity breeds contempt', and the phrase definitely applies to the movie business.

Whether it be too much of a good thing or a filmmaking trend that becomes so popular that it borders on the nauseating, Hollywood usually has no problem in running something into the ground. Think about the wave of gritty reboots that followed in the wake of Batman Begins, the Harry Potter-inspired rash of literary adaptations or the 'Avatar Effect' that saw seemingly every major movie given an often-shoddy 3D post-conversion.

Of course, this kind of repetition isn't just limited to movies themselves but often the people that star in them. We've become accustomed to expect a scene of Tom Cruise running, Shia LaBeouf's 'no no no no no' and Harrison Ford's continued concern for his wife and family to name but three. If an actor keeps repeating themselves, then it can quickly become an established part of their big-screen persona.

Matthew McConaughey managed to rehabilitate his career by keeping his shirt on, ditching the romantic comedies and reminding people that he was actually a great actor all along, but not everyone gets such a startling career reinvention. There are plenty of talented actors that have no problem doing the same thing in every movie, but in doing so run the risk of becoming stale.


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