10 Actors That Totally Underprepared For A Movie Role

Ewan McGregor's French accent needed a LOT of work in Beauty and the Beast!

Tom Hardy Bronson
Vertigo Films

While, as with anything in life, the greats undoubtedly make it look easy, there's an awful lot of preparation that often goes into forging a compelling and believable performance for the big-screen.

Well, in most cases, that is.

That's because for every star who goes to frankly extreme lengths to get themselves into the headspace of their chosen character or puts their bodies through hell in order to effectively create the illusion of being a full-blown superhero, there are those other actors who, for a whole host of reasons, didn't put in quite that same amount of time or effort for a part.

Now, as this list will highlight, sometimes these situations simply cannot be avoided, with last-minute castings and time constraints forcing a star to head onto set not quite as prepared as they'd like. However, on some occasions, the thespians involved have no-one to blame but themselves for coming into a project not fully ready to really deliver the goods.

So, from clearly talented A-list stars not realising their version of the french accent wasn't up to scratch, to debuting heroes not exactly getting off to the best of starts in the super-sphere, it's plain to see that this bunch of actors weren't 100% prepared for what was heading their way.

10. Sabrina Carpenter - Quinn Ackerman (Work It)

Tom Hardy Bronson

During the events of Netflix's dance comedy flick Work It, Sabrina Carpenter's Quinn Ackerman ultimately goes from awkward mover to dance machine. But in order to convincingly portray the fact that her character wasn't initially quite at the same level of those busting a move around her, the star who isn't exactly known for being a bad dancer in real-life had a clever idea.

As Carpenter would explain in a BuzzFeed interview with some of cast mates, the actor specifically opted to not fully learn the routines she was asked to perform in certain scenes. In particular, the moment that saw Ackerman auditioning for a place on the Thunderbirds team actually boasted a Carpenter who had no idea what was going on.

In fact, Carpenter was actually taking her lead from the two girls in front of her, meaning that she intentionally was always an awkward count behind as she brilliantly flailed around on stage.

When it comes to excuses behind why you didn't stay up all night learning your on-set choreography homework, confessing that it was actually all a part of your master plan to look authentically terrible isn't the worst one in the world, I guess.


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