10 Actors That Totally Underprepared For A Movie Role

8. Kit Harington - Milo (Pompeii)

Tom Hardy Bronson
Tri-Star Pictures

Another star who didn't exactly throw themselves into books and various other forms of research when heading into a project, instead opting to take "the script as gospel" like Gambon before him, Kit Harington wasn't exactly an expert on all things Pompeii going into the flick of the same name.

Largely due to the rather busy Game of Thrones star just not having enough time beforehand, Harington actually only got around to taking in the remains of the city itself, that was destroyed after an eruption from Mount Vesuvius, after he'd wrapped on the film.

And while the star would admit to being "ashamed" at the lack of "historical research" he did when preparing for the role of Milo, a Celtic slave-turned-gladiator in the city during the year of the fateful event, he was pleasantly surprised to realise just how historically accurate the team behind the film actually were when creating the world his character existed in on-screen.

All the accurate set-building in the world - Harington noted that around 30 different sets were crafted in Toronto for the shoot - still could stop this particular historical epic going down in history as the wrong sort of disaster flick, however.


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